Contrast Studies

Looking at the inherent characteristics of different letterforms, I created contrast studies to examine the affects of mixing components from different type families. I explored classification, size, composition, gestalt theory, cropping, letter parts, and opposites while creating these compositions. None of the letterforms were altered.

klusak_contrast_part2 copy
Baskerville Old Face “A” in Regular, Century Gothic “a” in Bold
klusak_contrast_part26 copy
Baskerville “Q” in Italic, Gill Sans Ultra Bold “Q” in Regular
klusak_contrast_part25 copy
Big Caslon “m” in Medium, Century Gothic “m” in Bold
klusak_contrast_part24 copy
Futura “F” in Medium, Didot “F” in Bold
klusak_contrast_part23 copy
Bell MT “5” in Regular, Perpetua “5” in Bold
klusak_contrast_part22 copy
Book Antiqua “g” in Bold, Baskerville Old Face “g” in Regular
klusak_contrast_part16 copy
Georgia “d” in Bold & Bold Italic
klusak_contrast_part15 copy
Georgia “x” in Italic & Bold
klusak_contrast_part14 copy
Georgia “B” in Bold & Regular
klusak_contrast_part13 copy
Georgia “z” in Bold & Italic
klusak_contrast_part12 copy
Georgia “u” in Regular & Bold
klusak_contrast_part1 copy
Georgia “v” in Italic & Bold
klusak_contrast_part3 copy
Bookman OldStyle “H” in Bold, Century Gothic “h” in Regular
klusak_contrast_part32 copy
Times “a” & Braggadocio “A” in Regular
klusak_contrast_part33 copy
Colonna MT “O” & Baskerville “O” in Regular