13 Japanese Birds

Packaging for a proposed collector’s edition of “13 Japanese Birds,” an album series by Japanese noise musician Merzbow, known for his “brutal soundscapes.” Design inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture, “With Hidden Noise” and Kurt Schwitters’s “Merzbau” color palette. Made of painted sandpaper, nylon hardware, and manila envelopes.

DSC_0003 copy_editedDSC_0019_editedDSC_0020_editedDSC_0004_editedDSC_0010_editedDSC_0009_editedDSC_0011_editedDuchamp’s piece, “With Hidden Noise” consists of wire within a box, containing a hidden noise that is revealed when the piece is handled. The source of the sound, however was never revealed. The musician Merzbow finds inspiration in the Dada movement, specifically the use of collage and found objects, as well as Schwitters’s work.

Each of the five “13 Japanese Birds” CD boxes has a detachable “noise box” on the side that contains a distinct hidden noise. Each of the 100 packages would have a unique arrangement of five unidentifiable noises.

The design reflects the industrial, metal qualities of the musicians collage music, and shares a similar color palette to some of Kurt Schwitters’ collage work.

* Phrase taken from Jordan Rothlein for residentadvisor.net.

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