I am interested in failing ideals, the shifting of values within a culture, and the restrictions of social norms. Lately, I have been exploring these areas specifically through people’s home collections of objects and their personal delineations between garbage, artifacts, art, and salable items. Through these observations, I have been responding with casual renditions of sumptuous objects. They are combinations of materials collected from thrift and antique vendors, as well as personal items donated, sold at yard sales, or thrown away.

In a past project, “Forcing Devices,” I designed wearable sculptures to address potential social flaws. As I was making them, I saw them as failing panaceas for more broadly cultural social dilemmas in America. They intermediate uncomfortable situations but contradict themselves in their form. Because they are clunky steel contraptions, they inadvertently amplify what they seek to cloak. They are destructively over-eager in providing simple solutions to complex problems.

My recent work has been a response to the rigidity of institutional structures and the endearing awkwardness of trying to navigate within them. My work combines historical artifacts with futuristic contemporary items to appear amorphous in time. References in my work have included medical equipment, Medieval torture devices, relics, sporting goods, faux traditional home décor, and antique plastic. Some referenced objects inform the mechanics of my sculptures, while others are directly harvested for parts.